Online Shabbat Service Honoring the Rubin’s / Welcoming Michael Peckman

Please join us online for the second of our two Shabbat morning services this coming Saturday, April 16th at 10am. Our regular siddur – the “green book” will be visible on screen, so you do not need to have one of your own at home.

After the service we’ll remain online for maybe 15 minutes so people can chat and converse. This “virtual Kiddush” continues to be a success. Feel free to have your own wine or grape juice and challah (or other bread) available as we do the blessings.

We will be honoring the Rubin’s for their many years of service to the congregation as this year they retired from the board.

We will be welcoming Michael Peckman “to the tribe” as he will have completed his conversion this week.

David and Phyllis will have a virtual Aliyah as will Mike and Gail.

The virtual Shabbat Services continue again this week (Saturday, April 16) with the Children’s Shabbat Service at 9am (lasting about 30 minutes) and the Morning Shabbat Service at 10am (lasting about an hour). Please consider joining us as we all work together and try to add a bit of normalcy in an otherwise crazy time! At this point, you should have received an email with information on how to connect to our services or if you are on our private Facebook page you should have received an Invite to an Event for each service with a Zoom Link to the Service in the event.

While Zoom is best used with a laptop or computer, it can also be used with a smart phone for video or even a flip phone if you just want to call in to listen. Whatever your technological abilities we can find a way to help you connect to our services. If you haven’t received an invitation or are not on Facebook please send an email to Mike Peckman and I’d be glad to help you out (don’t forget to tell me who you are in the message in case you are not in my contacts).


*NOTE: If the links above don’t work for you then you don’t have access to our PRIVATE congregation Facebook page and would need that for access. If you have Facebook and are a member of the congregation then I can help get you access. Just text me!