2020/5781 Rosh Hashanah Morning Services with Rabbi Heath & Cantor Burton via Zoom

Rabbi Heath looks forward to being with you once again for High Holy Day services. We’ll make the best of the Zoom platform as we celebrate the Jewish New Year 5781. Cantor Burton will also be with us, from her home in Minneapolis.

We encourage you to set up your Zoom space as a special place from which to worship with us. You don’t need any prayer books, but ritual objects associated specifically with Rosh Hashanah or more generally with Judaism can help make the experience more meaningful.

Rosh Hashanah Services are Saturday, September 19 & Sunday, September 20th beginning at 9:00am. Invitations have been emailed and more information can be found on our private Facebook page by going to the following links:

Shana tova,
Michael Peckman

*NOTE: If the link above doesn’t work for you then you don’t have access to our PRIVATE congregation Facebook page and would need that for access. If you have Facebook and are a member of the congregation then I can help get you access. Just email us here and we will make sure that you get the Zoom instructions to join us!

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