Shabbat Rishona This Week

November 6, 2021 / Kislev 2, 5782

From Christina Mattison Ebert’s D’rash Designs Series

Shabbat Candlelighting Times:
Shabbat begins on Friday, November 5th at 5:15pm, and ends on Saturday, November 6th at 6:15pm.

Parashat Toldot – Genesis 25:19-28:9
Rebecca and Isaac have twins, the smooth-skinned Jacob, whom Rebecca favors, and the hairy Esau, who Isaac favors. After returning from a hunting trip, Esau asks his brother for some lentil soup, but Jacob tells him he must trade him his birthright. Years later, when Isaac is old and blind, Jacob tricks their father into giving him the firstborn blessing. Jacob leaves home, fearing his brother will retaliate, and finds a wife at his uncle Laban’s house.

Haftarah: Malachi, 1:1-2:7
Though Esau was the firstborn, and thus had the birthright to his father’s inheritance, it was Jacob who received the more prestigious blessing, and who went on to be the patriarch of the family. Malakhi is likely mentioning Jacob and Esau because Esau was also known as Edom (Gen 25:30), the progenitor of the Edomites. During Malakhi’s life, the Edomites looted Jerusalem and killed many of those who fled. The people of Israel might reasonably have questioned whether Jacob and the people of Israel really were being accepted and Esau and the Edomites rejected, but Malakhi assures the Jews that God is still on their side.

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This Shabbat is Shabbat Rishona!
Please join the Religious School in celebrating the joy of Shabbat this Saturday beginning at 9am.

Mishkan T’filah for Children will be used as our Siddur for this service.

Cantor Colman Reaboi
Spiritual Leader, Congregation Agudath Achim