It’s Menorah Madness!

A Hanukkah Celebration, Featuring “The Aleph Beats”

Bring your Chanukah Menorahs to Services and fill the Sanctuary with the lights of Hanukkah!!! Songs, stories and gelt- OH MY!!!!

Prize for the most AWESOME Hanukkiah!

Sunday, December 5th at 4:00pm

Winner of the 2020 Jewish Collegiate KOLedge A Cappella Competition, The Alef Beats of Brown and RISD have been singing up and down the East Coast since our inception in 2005. The Beats sing in all styles and formats, including Israeli and American pop/rock, old country Yiddish melodies, showtunes, and arrangements of modern Hebrew liturgical songs. The Beats come from all over – our all-gender membership roster includes those from as far away as Malaysia, and as close to home as the Providence suburbs. Concentrations within the group vary as well, from Computer Science to Furniture Design. Through it all, the Beats are brought together by our goofy personalities, our love of music, and a healthy appreciation for Jewish values and tradition.

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