Hanukkah: 3rd Night Dedication

Dear Members,

Happy Hanukkah!

Judaism teaches us that what we do with our lives is precious.  Adding meaning to all of our actions is a holy act- whether we are praying, eating, washing our hands, or partaking in normal, everyday activities, doing them with intention lifts the seemingly mundane to the level of holiness. Simply put, Judaism asks of us to act not mindlessly but with intention.

Hanukkah, or  חנוכה ​means ‘Dedication’. As we light the Hanukkah candles, let our intent be meaningful with each night. Let us dedicate the 3rd Candle to stopping Domestic Violence and Abuse:

“May the lights of our Hanukkah Menorah shed light on those that cower in the darkness. May their fear be quelled by Your Eternal Love. Guardian of Israel who never slumbers or sleeps, protect the victims of violence and bullying. May You protect those who suffer because of words that hurt more than fists. May we do all we can to offer comfort and help to those who are too weak or who live in fear. May we lift up those in need and remove the stumbling blocks that stand in their way. May the 3rd candle inspire us to act, as the Torah commands: “Love your neighbor”, and “Do not place a stumbling block before the blind”. (Leviticus)

Do you want to help protect victims of domestic violence and abuse?