Please read the details below – BUT – the bottom line is – you have to begin your purchase on our old website, then add items to your shopping cart and then check out.  Unless you do all three in the same “shopping trip,” we do not receive credit for your purchase.

Like many other organizations, we’re able to raise money when our supporters purchase products from Amazon.

In order for us to be recognized as the source of your purchase, you can’t begin on the actual Amazon site.  You have to start on our website and then “pass through” to the Amazon site.

Since we’re in transition between our old website and this one, that functionality isn’t quite ready to go on this page.

Until the time that it is, we would really appreciate it if you would begin your Amazon purchase by visiting our old site –

When you arrive at our old site, scroll down until you see the Amazon logo – on the left hand side – with a white box in the middle.

Type in the white box the name of the product you’d like to buy and click on “Go.” You’ll be taken to the Amazon website where you can shop to your heart’s content and we’ll get a few percent of the $$ you spent.

Please don’t forget to return to Jewish Taunton – there’s a lot more for yout so explore.

Thanks for your support!!

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