Music for Services

Our monthly Shabbat Rishona  for 2014-2015/5775 with a Musical Minyan, which includes many contemporary Jewish music selections that we are beginning to “own.”

During the learning portion of these Shabbat mornings (2014: Sept 6, Nov 1, Dec 6 and 2015: Jan 3, Feb 7, Apr 4 and May2) we will ramp up our knowledge of contemporary Jewish music with JEWISH MUSIC ROCKS !

You can become more familiar with the music by purchasing a custom “album” for download.  Susan Colin of prepared a special collection just for us.  Click on the logo to find our album for purchase. Be sure to scroll down the page and look for “Shabbat Rishona / Boker Tov Shabbat”

Find our custom OySongs album here

The “album” is $16.99.  The music is listed in alphabetical order rather than in the order that it appears in the Musical Minyan.

Look below to see the order that the music appears in our service.

It is possible to purchase music separately rather than the entire album.  If you do so, you’ll want to check the playlist below to be sure you purchase the correct version. offers a wide variety of contemporary Jewish music – MP3s and sheet music.  You may find more than just our “album” that you enjoy.  There is plenty of opportunity to search for new selections and listen to samples – just to see what you might like.

Just a note: offers “OyGelt” which is used to provide discounts on purchases. Unfortunately, OyGelt isn’t available for use with our custom “album”.

Shabbat Rishona / Boker Tov Shabbat
Musical Minyan Playlist

Bim Bam Shabbat Shalom – OyBaby
Hine Ma Tov – Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
Shake Another Hand – Cantor Marcelo Gindlin
Shir Chadash – Julie Silver
Modeh Ani – Kol B’Seder
Ma Tovu / Sim Shalom – Susan Colin
Baruch Sheamar – Craig Taubman
Hal’luyah – Rebecca Shwartz
Bar’chu – Rachelle Shubert
Yotzeir Or – Sue Horowitz
Ahavah Rabah – Rebecca Shwartz
Sh’ma – Madeleine Manasse
V’ahavta – Temple Israel of Tulsa
Mi Chamocha – Craig Taubman
Heal Us Now – Cantor Leon Sher
Building a Better World – Peter & Ellen Allard
Hakafa – Peter & Ellen Allard
Etz Chaim – Richard Silverman
Aleinu – Debbie Friedman