Board of Directors


Michael NovickCo-Chair
Mija AlmeidaPresident
Gordon AmgottTreasurer, Co-Chair
Susan ThomasRecording Secretary
Ken MarinFinancial Secretary, Chair of the Membership and Dues Committee
Officers (elected annually for a term of 1 year)

Directors and Committee Chairs

Sharon Seltzer (term expires 2023)Director, Co-Chair of the Religious School Committee
Dennis Ackerman (term expires 2023)Director
Brad Rotsky (term expires 2023)Director
Susan Thomas (term expires 2024)Director
Michael Peckman (term expires 2024)Director
Miriam Gleason (term expires 2024)Director
Jon Sisskind (term expires 2025)Director
Gail Peckman (term expires 2025)Director, President of the Sisterhood
Marsha Nehiley (term expires 2025)Director
Stacey GayCo-Chair of the Religious School Committee
Michael ThurmanChair of the Cemetery Trust Committee
Board of Directors are elected every 3 years in staggered terms
Committee Chairs are appointed by the Chairman annually