Sisterhood of Agudath Achim




Gail Peckman, Treasurer

Miriam Gleason, Vice President

Vicki Amgott, Financial Secretary

Open Position, Corresponding Secretary

Sheila Thurman, Recording Secretary

Carol Galego, Social Secretary


 Felice W. Goldstein Memorial Scholarship Committee – Judy Ellis (Chairperson), Meg Antine, Ava Goldstein

Condolence Support – Meg Antine, Ava Goldstein, Nancy Marin

Judaica Shop – Caron Hoder (Chairperson), Carol Galego, Lauren Coelho

New Year’s Bulletin – Carol Galego and Sheila Thurman

Rabbi Baruch Korff Library and Family Library – Sharon Seltzer (Librarian), Lisa Bellardino, Lauren Coelho

Library Trustees – Mija Almeida, Meg Antine, Ava Goldstein, Israel Helfand

Remembrance Fund – Caron Hoder

The Board of Directors of Sisterhood Agudath Achim wish the Sisterhood membership, the congregants of Agudath Achim, and all those who worked on and contributed to the New Year’s Bulletin, a blessed new year filled with health, hope, peace and a renewed and revitalized sense of community among us all.


 A community of women joined together to do more than each could do alone.

  • A group of women trying to balance the many diverse demands in the all too few hours of each day.
  • A gathering of women with concerns about the environment, our community, our people – all seeking to make the world better.
  • An opportunity for women to find meaning in something greater than themselves.
  • A place for the special bonding of women who share friendships and who understand and appreciate each other and the work of their hands.
  • The heart of our congregation, filled with love, warmth, courage and strength.


  • Financial Support for our Religious School including holiday celebrations
  • Equipment for the Synagogue, Community House, and Religious School through the Remembrance Fund
  • Weekly Onegai Shabbat and Kiddushim
  • Mitzvah Projects (Shalach Manot Baskets, Sonia Franklin Helping Hand Fund, Project Linus, etc.)
  • Monthly Newsletter, “Kol HaKahal”
  • Judaic Gift Shop
  • New Year’s Bulletin                                       
  • Social Events
  • Rabbi Baruch Korff Library and Family Library
  • Condolence Support

 Sisterhood Agudath Achim is an active and productive organization.

To all our hardworking members, thank you!

To those interested in joining or learning more about Sisterhood, let us know!

You can e-mail us at for more information