Selichot Evening Service

This Saturday evening marks the ten days before Erev Rosh Hashana. Please join Cantor Reaboi as we officially begin the High Holy Day season with penitential prayers, called Selichot. Here’s is the schedule:

  •  8:00 PM – Saying goodbye to Shabbat with Havdalah
  •  8:15 PM – Schmooze and a snack
  •  8:30 PM– Lecture:  “The Music of the Jewish High Holy Days” 
  • 9:30 PM–  Selichot Service
  • 10:00PM- Tekiah Gedola– The Shofar is blown and the HHDs begin!

NOTE:  This service was originally intended to be live. But Cantor Reaboi will conduct the program through Zoom.

Pride Shabbat Service and Dinner-August 20th

Join Cantor Reaboi for a Shabbat Service Celebrating Pride. Dinner is at 6:30 followed by a Sabbath Service at 7:30. For more information, go to: